All About Moving Relocation Systems

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Machaela Casey
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How to Plan a Relocation Move

Use Systems to Make it Happen

When you’re planning a move, you might get easily overwhelmed. It makes sense. There is a lot to think about. Some people prefer to book a full-service move because it includes packing and unpacking. However, even if you do that, you may still want to get organized before moving. Using systems can help you prepare for a move whether it is an office relocation or a move for personal reasons.

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Moving Relocation Systems for Office Relocations

There are many things you can do to make your corporate relocation more smooth.

At the office, treat the move like you would any project. Create a committee dedicated to the move and make sure each person on the committee has an assigned task. Then, add your move to the office’s project management system. This will allow everyone to see milestones to know how prepared you are.

Before the move, prepare your new office space including the communications systems. Make sure that you will be ready to hit the ground running right when your items arrive. Update all your employees, partners, vendors, and suppliers about your move. This is more than just sending out your new address. It’s letting them all know what they can expect throughout the moving process. Will shipments be delayed? Will certain team members have different hours?

Make sure to update all your accounts with your new shipping address at least 2 weeks before your move.

When moving into a new office, create a blueprint for where everyone’s desks will go. Then label the furniture so the movers will know where to put it.

Use an online system to ensure all your files make it to your new destination. Upload them to the cloud so that if anything gets lost in the move, you will still have a digital copy. Some people recommend transporting computers yourself, especially if they have sensitive information on them. However, a trustworthy moving company can also handle the job.

Some companies have sensitive equipment or manufacturing items. Make sure to read manuals or as the manufacturer for advice on how to move it.

Systematically Planning Home Moves

You can attack your home move in a similar fashion. Turn it into a project to manage. Interstate relocation systems are great for moves between two states. You will need to make sure to learn all the new things for your new state like how to get a new driver’s license or where to register your car. Each state and city has different requirements. Use an online system like Trello or a digital to-do list to manage either a local or long-distance move.

Hiring movers for a full-service option leads to the most stress-free moving experience. This is because you need to pack everything in a manner so that it doesn’t fall over or break during the moving process. The expert packers on our teams truly know how to do this best. Plus, using professionals saves you pinched toes and fingers or a strained back from too much heavy lifting.

When thinking about relocation and moving, you need to prioritize. For some people, the price is the most important. For others, they think mainly about the convenience or the time they will have to spend doing activities related to moving. Determine what is important to you in a move and focus on that when searching for the right moving provider.

Getting Relocation Quotes

The best way to choose relocation movers is to get a free quote from a few different providers. Make sure that they offer the services you provide. With Nelson Westerberg, it is easy to get a quote. Our free online system is powered by artificial intelligence. You enter in some important information into our online form.

This includes the locations of both your destination and starting point, how large of a move it is, what services you need, and your desired moving date. Then you upload some videos to our system. Our AI will evaluate everything and give you an accurate quote for your move. You can get a few different quotes from the same moving company using different parameters to see how different options will affect the cost of your move.

Most experts also recommend getting a few different quotes from different companies so you can compare and contrast. However, we are confident that with our trustworthy services, commitment to excellence, and competitive prices, Nelson Westerberg will be your top choice for relocation and moving systems.