Loading and Unloading

Moving labor teams help you get your packed items onto and off of the moving truck. People who book this service a la carte already have the transportation services they need, and may pack and unpack the items themselves. They just need movers to come and load the heavy boxes and furniture into the truck. Some people consider this the hardest part of the move, so it makes sense to hire professionals.

Trustworthy Loading And Unloading Movers

When you book hire-a-helper movers through Nelson Westerberg, you can rest assured. We background check and drug test our teams so you know the people going into your home are trustworthy. Additionally, we are certified ProMovers by the American Moving and Storage Association. That means our teams have gone through the training needed to pack a truck properly, and move objects with care.

Why You Need Help Unloading Moving Truck

There are many reasons why you would want to have help from labor-only movers with this challenging part of a move.

First, many people injure themselves moving loads. They don’t have weight belts, dollies, moving blankets, and other items that can help them to avoid injury. Many people hurt their backs, ankles, fingers, and toes moving heavy items.

Second, movers are used to working with heavy objects day in and day out. They are strong and used to working hard physically. Depending on the types of items you have, you may not be able to get the job done, or you may make yourself extremely sore the next day.

Third, movers are reliable. When you rope friends and family into helping you move, they may not show up or they may cancel at the last minute. Professional movers will always show up and they will be on time too!

Full Service Moving Loads

In addition to getting loading and unloading movers as a solo service, you can also hire full-service movers, or get a few a la carte services to tailor your move to your needs. A full-service move includes everything from packing to unpacking and all that happens in between. You can also pack yourself and simply hire loaders, drivers, and unloaders. Of course you can do everything yourself and rent a truck to load and unload yourself. Whatever services you need for your home move, we can help. Contact us for a free home moving quote.