Storage and Warehousing

Warehousing is a type of storage. We provide both general storage units with electricity and warehouse storage. What is the difference between these two services?

What Is Warehousing And Storage?

Storage and warehousing services are very similar, but have some key differences. Warehouses are much bigger than storage spaces. They are usually giant store houses consisting of high ceilings and one room. They can store large amounts of anything from raw materials or finished products. Warehouses are large enough that some of the storage solutions can be automated so it is easier to organize items and get them when you need them.

Storage units for rent are better for individuals. They are smaller and range in size from five feet by five feet to 10 feet by 30 feet or larger. They are separate so only the person with the key will have access to their items. Affordable storage units are usually on the smaller size and may be outside of a central urban area.

Warehouse storage is usually better for businesses or industrial purposes.

There is also mini warehouse storage which are small warehouse spaces perfect for small businesses. The smallest mini storage warehousing is usually 20 feet by 40 feet. These facilities usually have multiple units.

Warehouse & Storage Unit Amenities

Storage units with power are perhaps the most in-demand type of unit. There are other amenities you should look for as well. Climate controlled units keep your items safe no matter the weather. There are also staffed and unstaffed spaces. There may be someone on premises all the time, or someone only during certain hours to deter theft. Security cameras help to do this as well.

Amenities at warehouses are more involved. Some of these spaces offer inventory management, and assistance fulfilling orders in the case of e-commerce or retail businesses. Some also provide assistance with logistics and getting items to and from the warehouse.

Self Storage Vs. Warehouse

Who should use self-storage? Individuals, families, and even very small businesses (usually a sole proprietorship) can benefit from using a self-storage space. Musicians, artists, and other crafters often enjoy having a separate space to store extra gear and supplies. Small businesses can temporarily store extra items during an off-season or in preparation for a big boom.

Warehouses are best for businesses of any size. They provide more amenities that are tailored specifically to a business’ need. You can use multiple warehouses across the country to optimize shipping and logistics, or have just one to service a local area.

Storage Companies

There are many choices for storage companies. We fully vet and drug test all team members so you know your belongings are safe with us whether you choose storage as a stand alone option or as part of a full-service business or home move. Contact us now to get a free quote.