Finding the Best Local Movers

Written By

Machaela Casey

Many moving companies perform both long-distance and local moves. However, some specialize in moving only within certain areas, performing only local ones. Both types of moving companies can be a great help when you need to move a short distance. A local move is usually defined as being under 50 miles. Local moves can be of any size. They can be for a large four-bedroom house or a small studio apartment. Whatever the size of your move, we can help!

What Local Moving Services Include

You can always pick moving services a la carte. But, in general, our local moving services include:

  • Moving truck
  • Moving crew with sufficient members for the size of your house
  • Moving supplies like plastic wrap/stretch wrap, moving straps, moving blankets, and floor protection
  • Moving tools like dollies
  • Insurance for your items in transit

How Much do Local Furniture Movers Cost?

We can do a virtual consultation to figure out your needs. We will ask you about the size of both your old and your new home, how many stairs there are at both locations, and what type of entry there is. We will also find out about the distance between the two locations and any specialty items you may have that you need moved. Then we will offer you a free quote.

Longer distance moves cost more than shorter distances. Larger moves, with more weight or more items, cost more than smaller ones. However, the full cost will be determined once we know more about you.

Local Movers for Small Jobs

Did you know that local movers can also do other things besides full house moves? We can also:

  • Rearrange furniture within the same house
  • Help with the delivery of one item or a few items
  • Move businesses
  • Remove junk
  • Move items to storage spaces

So, it’s not just home moves that we can do. Think of us anytime you have something heavy to lift!

Local Packers and Movers

If you don’t want to pack your items, we can do that too. Packing can be a hassle and we can take away the stress. Let us make sure that everything is all packed away securely and safely, then move everything. If you want, we can even unpack everything on the other end!

Ready to book your next local move with us? Contact us now to get a free quote.