The Best International Relocation Services

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Machaela Casey

An international move is a big deal for most people. Moving to a whole new country where you may or may not know anyone, moving to a new house, and perhaps even starting a new job may be quite stressful. The best way to combat that stress is to use international relocation services to take care of every detail for you. We provide corporate relocation services on both an international and domestic level. We have all the connections needed to make your international move a success.

What Is Included In International Relocation Services?

When you hire Nelson Westerberg for international relocation assistance services, many essential items are included.

  • C-TPAT Certification – With this certification, the time at customs is reduced because we work with Customs & Border Patrol to ensure that the supply chain is secure.
  • Amazing Communication & Service – We take pride in listening to our customers and fulfilling their needs but also keeping expectations in check.
  • Knowledge & Experience – With over 110 years of experience in the field, we know what it takes to make an international move a success.
  • Customized Plans – We work hard to keep in compliance with your company’s corporate relocation policies. We can also consult to make sure that the policies you have in place will work best for your goals.
  • Analytics – Corporate relocations require data to stay efficient. We can provide your organization with details like average spending per move.
  • Moving Services from A to Z – Whatever services you would like to offer your teams, we can provide. This includes packing, unpacking, storage of many types, and follow up after the person moving has settled in.

What Makes Us Great: Our Networks

One of the benefits to working with Nelson Westerberg is our experience and vast network of logistics partners. Even though we are an American international relocation services provider, we have partners all over the globe that help us get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively. This is best because each local partner is an expert on that destination, and knows the specific requirements in terms of customs, immigration, and other important details.

Time To Get Started

Ready to forge ahead with a new relationship for the best international relocation services? Then you need to contact us now. We are here and always happy to help. Let us take care of the details so your teams can focus on whatever it is that they do best at your organization. We will get them settled so they can get back to work ASAP!