Packing and Unpacking

shipping and moving boxes in front of image of globe with plane flying

We’ve got international packing and unpacking wrapped up. We do more than just packing boxes, though. Our professional packers and movers provide you with expert advice on export and import requirements in your origin and host countries, which streamlines the entire relocation process. Our experienced team of corporate movers strives for the highest levels of care, service, and efficiency during every single international move.

Packing Services

We offer a full pack, wrap and load service for our customers who are relocating abroad. Our professional packers specialize in delivering fragile and high-value items. We’ll also tell you which items you can and can’t export to your host country.

Our overseas movers and packers will prepare all the necessary travel documents that you need (including transit insurance coverage documentation) and will choose the right containers and equipment to transport your belongings to your chosen destination. We work closely with ocean and freight transportation companies, which lets us optimize the international corporate relocation process.

We’ll contact the transferee during each stage of relocation: packing, loading, and delivery. At each of these stages, we’ll provide the right people with the right information. The result? The relocation process runs like clockwork. Our professional packers will handle all communication with origin agents, destination agents, freight carriers, customs brokers, surveyors, inland haulers, third-party service providers, and overseas partners.

Origin Services

When we pick up and pack your belongings, we’ll bolt our containers for safety and compile a specific inventory of all your items. We’ll carefully detail the make, model and the serial number of any electronics you have, make sure wood packaging is ISMP-certified and stamped, and check whether we can export any food and alcohol products. This ensures there are no customs clearance problems.

We base our rates on every 100 pounds of specified weight, not by labor hours or the number of cartons we deliver. We believe that weight and volume certificates are equally as important.

Destination Services

When we get to your chosen destination, our overseas movers and packers will unload and unwrap your belongings, remove debris, return empty equipment, place your items in the right rooms, and even reassemble your furniture. Our full unpacking service is always included in our international moves.

Our international move management program, Traxx, expedites our packing services.

Why Us?

As one of the best packing companies, we handle domestic and international moves differently. We’ll decide the right type of packing, containers, and transport based on your destination and individual circumstances.

Our professional packers and movers have an average of 15 years experience in international moves (our least-tenured employee has worked for us for 10 years) and in-depth knowledge of packing services, freight forwarding, household goods moving.

We meet with global supply chain partners at least once a year and focus on creating long-term partnerships with our clients.