Pre-Move Planning

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Moving to a new location can be a stressful experience. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Our expert movers will take the stress out of your international relocation with a pre-move planning strategy that optimizes the entire process. This strategy includes a pre-move survey form and pre-moving checklist. Our experienced team will provide the highest standards of customer service during every single corporate move.

What Do Our Move Specialists Do?

We handle all the difficult tasks for you, so you can concentrate on your business. Before you move, our corporate move specialists will arrange and perform a pre-move survey and give you an exact quote for our door-to-door services. After completing this international pre-move checklist, we will provide you with all the requirements you need when importing goods to your destination country, and we’ll arrange the best transportation options based on your budget and lifestyle.

Our team will also streamline the customs process, schedule any third-party services, handle transportation documentation, source the right equipment for your move, arrange a contract for delivery services in your host country, and continually update you and your clients throughout the process.

We perform all of our services within FIDI/FAIM quality parameters.

What Happens During Our Survey?

During our pre-move survey for overseas moves, one of our specialists will determine the weight and volume of your items, how many days it will take to transport your belongings, and select any items that require special handling. After completing your pre moving checklist, we will adhere to authorizations and regulations in your host and destination countries.

Our pre-move counseling service form also includes a cost-benefit analysis and pricing strategy. Plus, we will create and review your corporate move policies for maximum efficiency. Our pre-planning moving program differs from others out there because we work with an extensive network of partners, including customs brokers and airline operators.

Why Us?

Our qualified team has an average of 15 years experience in corporate moves (our least-tenured employee has worked for us for 10 years) and in-depth knowledge of international pre move planning. For more than 100 years, we have helped people like you move to new business premises, and we continue to provide expert pre-move assistance for international relocation.