Freight Forwarding

Lit up cargo and freight containers on large shipping freights overhead view

Here at Nelson Westerberg, we specialize in international freight forwarding services. Whether you want to import or export your belongings by land, air, or sea, we have the experience and connections to make it happen. As a trusted freight moving company, we provide door-to-door transportation, move policies consulting, export and import consulting, global customs assistance, and full replacement value transportation insurance.

We import and export. We pack, wrap, and load. We handle cars relocation and international vehicle transportation (including motorcycles). Let us optimize your move with our international freight service.

Freight Services

As a trusted freight forwarder, we focus on the four basic modes of transportation: Sea, air, road, and rail.

Sea deliveries are the most common, and transit times can take as little as 3 weeks, depending on the route. This is the most cost-effective way to import or export your items, and we offer flat rates for containers, depending on their size. Shipping options include containers that range from 20-45 ft.

Our air deliveries can take as little as 7 days, depending on the route. Although more expensive than other modes of transport, we charge per kilo (based on a 10.4 minimum density).

We also use road services for cross-border traffic and rail services to take containers from U.S. locations to ports of exit.

How Much Will It Cost?

Unlike some freight moving companies, we offer competitive prices for our international transportation services. There are a number of elements we consider before we provide you with a quote for forwarding services, however. These include customs charges, port charges, Terminal Handling Charges, clearance fees, inspection fees, and commission (if applicable).

International Transit Insurance

Insurance is crucial when you import and export items to and from international destinations. We don’t include valuation coverage in our quotes, but you can purchase this for a premium. Although our forwarding services insurance doesn’t cover cash, monetary notes, or jewelry, it provides you with full replacement value on other items.


When it comes to international freight, we always take security seriously. As a member of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, we adhere to all import and export legislation and guidelines. Eighty-percent of sea shipments go through an X-ray procedure, and authorities scan all air shipments. Customs officers inspect every shipment in countries like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, and Singapore.