Commercial Moving Companies

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Machaela Casey
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Commercial Moving Companies: Taking Care of Business

Not Just a Residential Move

Moving into a new office building is just like moving into a new house, right? Actually, no.  Not at all.  Any move to a new commercial real estate property requires planning and equipment specific to the industry.  The best movers operate with the understanding that you have a business to run and a strict timeline to maintain. They offer the services and provide the solutions that help you stay productive during a transition.

What They Move

Carton boxes with stuff in empty room. Office move concept

Commercial movers will take special care packing up your entire space.  All businesses have sensitive documents-from employee tax records to internal accounts.  Premium movers will carefully and confidentially transport it all.  Offices also contain lots of bulky items, like copiers, IT systems, furniture, filing cabinets, and even vending machines.  The best movers transport all of these things with ease because they have the equipment and qualified movers to do it.   

How They Work

Moving your business often requires following a strict timeline.  Expert movers will help you to execute your plan according to this schedule.  They’ll plan everything, from scheduling elevator use to blocking time in the parking garage.  They’ll inventory your offices and layout a floor plan for your new location.  With their specialized team, they’ll pack up every single thing in your space.  The top-rated movers also have all of the right tools.  From boxes and crates to flatbeds and cranes, the best companies have the most specialized equipment to do the job.  Need safe storage solutions?  Commercial office moving companies have vast networks of warehouses to meet your needs.  Once you arrive at your new space, movers will unpack and arrange it all. They’ll re-assemble furniture and cubicles, unwrap the machinery of your daily operations, and carefully organize your sensitive documents, all according to your directives.

Choose the Best

At Nelson Westerberg, we’ve been in the moving business since 1904.  We’ve moved retail stores, laboratories, and multi-national corporations, just to name a few.  We’ve done local, cross country, and even international moves. We have all of the equipment and capabilities to move your business effectively.  Plus, we can provide storage if you need it.  We’re expert commercial movers.  So give us a call today.  We’ll create a strategy to move your business quickly and efficiently.