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Employee Relocation Services Make it Happen

Providing a full service relocation package as part of their employee retention package greatly enhances the employee experience. Whether hiring new employees or keeping your best engaged employees to stay with the company, it’s important to offer retention bonuses to and relocation benefits to ensure a positive employee experience.

To prevent employees from leaving the company during a corporate relocation where they need to move areas, it’s essential support them in the relocation process with additional help like a relocation management company to help them organize the move easily, or give them the option to manage it themselves and hire directly with a lump sum move option.

Having this as part of their employee relocation service means greater employee satisfaction. And, it’s easy for your teams to get back to work quickly when everything is taken care of for a big move whether it is to a new city or state in the United States, or a whole new country. Plus, relocation assistance can go a long way towards employee retention and allowing employees to move up the corporate ladder by helping them to stay within the company no matter where they need to go for the job.

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What Makes Up Employee Experience Management?

Making a move to a new home and location is pretty stressful, but the different services we provide make the transition more smooth. The following services can be included can be chosen on a la carte basis or purchased as an entire relocation package.

Pre-move planning

We can provide experts to help your employees with home sales and home buying. That is often the most time-consuming part of a move, and it’s one that can hold up your team members. Additionally, we can provide experts who know about the new location to provide guidance on schools, neighborhoods, culture, and other factors that will make the transition more smooth.

Our counselors can give information to your employees and their families to make sure they are aware of any licenses and certificates they will need in their new location and any cultural differences they will need to know about. The counselor may give any necessary information about health insurance and other important details of the move.

Full-service employee relocation service companies

A full-service move means one that includes packing and unpacking. This is an option that teams and managers love because it saves your employees so much time. Our experts know how to safely pack and unpack boxes so that important items make it all the way through a move.

Packing or unpacking each can take the average person weeks or months, because they have to fit it in between work and other obligations. However, with professionals on your side, it takes anywhere from 1 day to a few days depending on the size of the home.


Sometimes there is a bit of downtime between packing and moving or arriving and moving into the final location. In that case, reliable storage may be needed. We have connections all over the globe to provide this to your teams.

We have access to many different types of storage including self storage and warehouses. We will work with your employee to find out their needs and fulfill them.

White glove

Sometimes things need a bit of extra service and attention. We usually recommend this service in your employee relocation program when there are delicate items, or if the move is over a long distance. White glove movers don’t always actually wear white gloves anymore, but they do always treat the items in the move with care.

Fast shipping

Expedited shipments can be an important part of the experience of relocating your employees, especially if they have had to plan a move on short notice. This service gets them their belongings faster than usual. There’s no set amount of time for expedited shipments because the speed depends on the size of the load, the type of transportation being used and when the delivery is required.

Special services

Have a boat? A rare antique car? Grandma’s heirloom fur coats? We can help. We have specialized solutions for whatever items your team members have that need special care and attention. We will come up with a customized solution to get even the most precious or delicate items from point A to point B in top condition.

Relocation Expenses

Working with an experienced corporate relocations provider helps to keep expenses down. We know how to meet budgets and make things happen. A relocation package for your employee can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars depending on what services are provided. These relocation costs are more than worth it when you consider the costs of hiring new employees with higher turnover rates due to a lack of relocation packages.

Employee assistance programs are a great way to let your teams know you care about them and value them. A great employee experience does wonders not only for your corporate culture but also for your branding and marketing. Enthusiastic and satisfied employees are automatic brand ambassadors. So, consider the costs an investment in your success.

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