Storage and Warehousing

A corporate relocation storage and warehousing facility top view

Corporate relocation doesn’t always go as planned. If you are waiting to move your employees or business into new premises or carrying out renovations on your business property, there may be a gap before your employees can move in or your new business location is ready to move in. This is where our cost-effective corporate relocation storage and warehousing solution comes in. We specialize in storage , and you can store your valuables in a safe, secure space for a few weeks, a few months, or longer.

The Benefits of Our Business Storage Facilities

We can provide you with a climate-controlled storage facility in an easy-to-access location. The public can’t access these facilities, and they have alarm systems and security cameras, which provides you with peace of mind. We can place all of your belongings to secure containers, so that all of your equipment and important paperwork stays safe and secure.

We have access to more than 400 business warehouse locations in the United States and Canada, which gives you more choice and freedom for corporate moves across the country. Our trusted warehousing partners offer short and long-term warehouse solutions. Choose a location near you and safeguard your valuables until moving day.

Why Should You Place Your Belongings in Storage?

If you are in-between business locations and need some extra space, our warehouse relocation services will suit you. Or perhaps your employees are waiting to close on a new home before they can move in. With unrivaled safety and security, you can store your business items and employee belongings in spacious -relocation facilities with 24-hour security. Whether you want storage for the short term or long term, our storage movers have got you covered.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We’ve specialized in corporate moves for more than 110 years. We build all of our business relationships on trust, and collaboration is critical to our ongoing success. Some of our partnerships have lasted for up to 45 years.

Our corporate relocation warehouse specialists have the necessary skills and experience you need to move you and your employees’ items into a safe storage facility.

Our Storage and Warehousing Facilities

As well as our network of more than 400 business warehouse locations across the U.S. and Canada, we have our own facilities in various cities. Our household goods unit in Somerville, NJ, for example, boasts 40,000 square foot of warehouse and storage space. We also have locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. You can store a wide range of items in these facilities, including electronics, documents, furniture, and even vehicles.