Lump Sum Moves

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Here at Nelson Westerberg, our lump sum relocation services provide you and your employees with the flexibility you require when moving to a new location. Our lump sum relocation service sets the parameters for your move, and our expert team will provide you with all the guidance you need, from scheduling to packing to transportation.

What is a Lump Sum Relocation?

A lump sum relocation lets you, the employer, give an employee a moving bonus toward their move. Your employee will then finance his or her move with your employee signing bonus. A lump sum relocation benefit is different from a managed cap move, where you, the employer, directly pays for your employee’s move up to a specified capped amount.

What are the Benefits of Lump Sum Moves?

Today’s workforce is evolving, and younger employees might prefer to take a hands-on approach to their move. As a result, many corporate programs provide employees with a lump sum relocation moving allowance to cover the cost of a move. With more than 110 years in the industry, we understand the appetite for services like these as workforces grow and adapt.

How Does It Work?

Your employee can self manage his or her move with an easy-to-use mobile app or choose a personal move coordinator for a more hands-on experience. Both of these methods will facilitate tasks such as survey estimating, scheduling dates, and delivery.

Why We Do It Better

While other relocation companies focus on the administrative side of a lump sum relocation program, we act as an advocate for the transferee while providing first-class household goods professional services. We will take better care of your employee and help you optimize your global mobility program.

We have served more than 200 companies in various niches, and our reputation is second to none. Our professional team are fully licensed, so you won’t have to worry about your employee being scammed. Plus, we will treat your employee like a VIP.

Some of our clients have been with us for up to 45 years, and we have various solutions short- and long-distance moves. We can customize lump sum relocation programs based on the requirements of your employee and help you get more value than the average corporate relocation package.