Commercial Records

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We specialize in commercial records storage and management solutions for your business. It’s just one of the specialty services we offer as professional movers. Our Commercial Records Center, situated in a convenient location in Chicago, provides you with a safe, secure environment to store your commercial records away from your business premises. This gives you additional security and peace of mind. Here’s why you should choose our specialist movers for commercial records storage and management.

Why Do You Need Commercial Records Storage and Management?

Commercial records are the lifeblood of your business. You need these documents to communicate with customers and clients, carry out day-to-day business tasks, and comply with federal and local legislation.

However, you might not have the resources to keep commercial records on your premises. This is where our special moving services can help. Our Chicago-based Commercial Records Center will give you the space you need for commercial records storage and management. We will safeguard your documents for you.

Why Is Our Commercial Records Storage and Management Service Different?

We use a computerized bar-code tracking and document management system that generates in-depth inventory reports for your business. You can access these reports online and gain deep insights that will power your records management strategy.

You can also organize and archive your records from the comfort of your own office. Send us an email in the morning and receive a carton of the documents you require that same day. Or just give us 24-hour notice for overnight deliveries.

For urgent delivery, our specialty moving and storage team can accommodate a request within six hours on the same day, depending on your location. Our team will transport your confidential documents within the timeframe you stipulate.

The Benefits of Our Commerical Records Storage Service

We take security seriously. Our team monitors our Commercial Records Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we use alarms and a sprinkler system. Only authorized persons can access our facility.

Our corporate relocation movers specialty services include hard copy storage, computer indexing and management, certified records destruction, and records and information management consultation.

Storing your commercial records with us can work out cheaper than leasing an office location for storage. Plus, you can save money on filing equipment and other in-house storage costs. Our diaster-proof Chicago facility contains climate-controlled rooms that will keep your documents in pristine condition, even in a natural disaster. We will only destroy your files with your authorization and in accordance with your records retention policy.