Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Moving Companies

Written By

Machaela Casey

A corporate moving company provides businesses with reliable relocation assistance from the beginning to end of a move. Each partnership requires a customized plan to ensure perfect handling of each relocation segment.

Employee Relocation

Providing end-to-end employee relocation services helps with retention and gives your top team members incentive to take new positions within the company – even if it is in a new location. We have over 80 years of experience in moving excellence to deliver the best possible experience for your employees. Our network spreads far beyond domestic reaches. As global relocation specialists we can help to manage the special considerations that go along with international relocation.

Full Service

Our corporate moving  service comprises everything needed for a success:

  • Full-service packing or packing materials. We will pack all items securely. If the person moving prefers to pack themselves, we will provide all materials needed, including specialty packing items.
  • Specialty packing & shipping. Some items require special consideration. Moving a grand piano? A family heirloom? A priceless painting? Let us handle the delicate parts of the move. Additionally, we will help with moving vehicles such as cars and boats.
  • Storage options. There is often a waiting period when someone moves to a new location. It may take time to find a new home. We can provide flexible storage options until the employee is ready to fully move. Options include accessible storage, pod storage, and full service storage.
  • Put-away service. After a corporate relocation you want to employees to be able to get to work. With our renowned put-away unpacking service, they’ll be able to do just that. Employees can tell our relocation team where they would like things to go, and their new home will get put together just the way they would like.

Types of Corporate Relocation

Businesses offer several types of relocation packages to their employees. One of the most popular is lump sum moving. Employees receive a preset sum of money from the company to spend however they wish on their relocation. The company doesn’t have to organize anything and many employees prefer to be in control of the details.

For businesses that prefer a more hands-on approach, we also offer direct billing and third party relocation packages. This is when the company itself organizes everything for the employee so they don’t have to think twice about any aspect of the moving process.

In either case, we provide end to end corporate relocation services with experienced and well vetted teams. Contact us to find out why businesses prefer Nelson Westerberg for corporate moves.