Office Relocation Safety

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Machaela Casey
Moving boxes and furniture in new office

Threats to Office Relocation Safety

Be On the Lookout

Whether you’re moving offices to be closer to your target market or you simply need more space, a corporate move can change the way you do business. However, moving can also put you at risk.  Transferring sensitive documents, data, and equipment can lead to breaches in security that can have disastrous results.  Before you move, know how to protect your business from these big problems:

Identity Theft

Lock with credit cards and wallet on a laptop.

A breach in security can be devastating to anyone.  It is imperative that during a company relocation, you keep all digital files and physical records secure.  To keep your computer files safe, ensure that all employees are up on cyber security protocols.  Dedicate at least one IT specialist to your moving committee to make sure that the integrity of the server is maintained during the move.  Take inventory of your paper documents.  Shred unneeded items and hard drives.  Finally, contact the postal service, bank, network security provider and financial affiliates with your new address months in advance.  You don’t want any sensitive information being intercepted during the moving process.

Items Lost or Damaged in Transit

Broken or lost items can severely impact your productivity.  One of the most important things in any big move is that all of your items arrive in tact.  Create an inventory of all items in the office-from documents to office equipment-to account for everything.  Find a moving company that has the right team to pack, transport, and reassemble all of your equipment.  If you have specialty items, such as fine art or sensitive documents, make sure that the company that is moving your office has the services that can move these items effectively.  Even if your items aren’t highly specialized, they’re still important.  Check that your company is licensed, insured and has a strong track record.  Finally, for peace of mind, look for the ability to track all boxes and cargo through GPS.

Lags in Security

One of the potential dangers of company relocation is a lapse in building security. Before leaving your old space, contact your trusted security provider to have them professionally uninstall old equipment. This will help to ensure sensitive information isn’t accessible to the new tenant. Likewise, as soon as you reach your new location, conduct a new security audit.  Reassess both physical and network security needs and take the necessary steps to make sure that all of your new offices are protected.

Protect What’s Yours

A corporate move can be a big opportunity to grow your business. Unfortunately, it can also be a time when things can go horribly wrong.  Being proactive and following these safety tips for the packing and unpacking of your offices can go a long way in making sure that your company stays protected and remains productive.