Services From The Top Corporate Relocation Companies

Written By

Machaela Casey

A corporate relocation company provides essential talent management services. Offering this service allows you to keep your top employees happy, and allows them to focus on their work instead of a big move. Managing a corporate relocation on your own as a business can be confusing, as there are many things to consider besides the physical move. You must acknowledge tax differences, visa and immigration policies, and other logistical considerations. There is also the buying and selling of a home to think about.

So, corporate relocation services encompass much more than just packing, shipping, and unpacking. It’s a wrap-around moving service that keeps your business running smoothly even when employees are in a transitional phase. A full-service corporate move can include any and all of the following:

  • Home Buying & Selling Support: We connect our clients with services including appraisers, home inspectors, and even real estate agents to make the moving process completely smooth. These professionals allow your employees to transition seamlessly.
  • Transitional Support: We can arrange for local tours of your employee’s new city before they move, and help them find essential services. We can also help them navigate any beaurocratic needs they may have, such as registering a vehicle, getting a local identification card, or registering a pet.
  • Home Moving Support: Our specialty is providing teams of professional movers for everything related to moving including packing, unpacking, shipping, and transport. We can move anything including vehicles and specialty items.
  • Financial Support: Our teams have experience with corporate relocations. We also know about tax regulations and provide complete reports on moves. We always make sure that we are in compliance with financial regulations and make sure your relocation program remains in compliance with these in addition to remaining within your business’ budget.

However, that’s not all we can do. As a top provider of corporate relocation management services, we can tailor a program to your needs. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, professional offerings, and attention to detail that keeps our clients happy and coming back year after year. We have over 110 years of experience in moving and corporate relocations and we are happy to share our experience and expertise with you. Throughout that time we have developed an incredible network of logistics providers and business partners to make your relocation program an attractive amenity for your teams.

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