Corporate Household Goods Relocation and Storage

Nelson Westerberg, Inc. is one of the earliest pioneers in household goods moving and storage. Since 1904 in Chicago, Nelson Westerberg has continuously built its reputation earning a strong foothold in corporate partnerships.

We are Your Moving Partner

With earned trust, credible and high-quality services delivery, the company prides itself on long-term relationships.  During more than 110 years in business, we have consistently put you first in everything we do.

Your needs are our mission -- to deliver the best-quality services with our expert team and trusted representatives from across the entire corporate relocation industry. From the 200+ companies we have served and grown with, our standards for excellence are second to none. 

  • Our domestic reach with five Nelson Westerberg agencies coast-to-coast in addition to the dependable Atlas Van Lines network means every corner of North America is accessible within the timeframe you need to complete a relocation.
  • When you hire us for any relocation need, we establish solid partnerships built on trust. We earn your commitment to developing the relationship with solid service delivery. Your relationship with us is built on family; our mutual success and collaboration are critical, and it shows in the duration of our partnerships -- 20, 30 and even 45 continuous years. 
  • You can trust us to deliver services to you, whether your company is mid-tier, regional or multi-national. We become a seamless part of your team to move an office from location to location, transport a laboratory, or place an executive and family in a global position.
  • Our reputation in aligning with best-in-class Professional Van Operators is well-known in the industry. We take pride in the fact that our professional van operators stay with us on average 15 years. The customer-service standards they hold in high regard drive every relocation job for any employee on the move.
  • When you place executives in international locations, Nelson Westerberg brings extensive expertise in this arena. Since the 1980s, our company and its partners has worked in every destination. No country is untapped; we're familiar with them all and have built solid infrastructure and networks in each for your peace of mind.

Third-Party Partnerships

Behind the scenes, Nelson Westerberg becomes a seamless part of any relocation management team for a variety of required moves.

Over the years, our company has been hired by yours to leverage the size of your network and optimize the supply chain. Our stability in household goods move management and financial strength enables us to partner with companies while wearing many different hats to reach business goals and strategy.


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